Every business has different requirements and accordingly, web design has to be modified. Some websites need dynamic web design while others can do very well with static web design. Infosoft provides cost effective solutions for both kinds of web design. After a careful analysis of your requirements, we decide upon the kind of web design that will benefit your business the most.

It is mostly websites for e-commerce and those depending on interaction with customers that need dynamic designing. In this type of a website, the various elements are designed separately and as per the search request, assembled in a pre-formatted template. For e-commerce websites and websites centred on collaborative content, this type of design is a pre-requisite to allow for personalization and user’s preferential information display.

A static design is a simple but powerful tool by way of which you can display your products and services on a page. It does not depend on user interaction to display results but is pre-formatted and unchanging. The way they respond to users’ search queries is the same for every query as opposed to dynamic web design. Though it is indeed desirable to have an interactive design; at times, it does not offer any added benefit. It is preferable for content based websites where the users come looking mostly for information.

Infosoft handles both with equal ease and provides adequate search engine optimization.  Whatever your choice, you can be assured of professional treatment of your business interests and best representation of the same.